You’ll love The Manors of Belfountain – 70 ha of gentle rolling hills steps away from Belfountain Conservation Area.

Location: Belfountain, Caledon

Type: Residential

Status: Design

Residential Units: 75 estates

The Manors of Belfountain is situated in the heart of the beautiful historic hamlet of Belfountain. It’ll be the foundation of a friendly, welcoming neighbourhood, with the hamlets Community Hall, Belfountain Conservation Area, and Credit River all within walking distance.

The people of Belfountain pride themselves on maintaining a strong sense of community, balanced with their strong environmental conscience. Located only a few minutes north of Brampton, and an easy drive from Mississauga, Bolton and Vaughan, the area is rich with cultural heritage and a beautiful natural landscape.

Belfountain Conservation Area

Belfountain is a picturesque Hamlet on the Forks of the Credit Road. The Road itself is scenic and fun to drive but once arriving in Belfountain you’ll discover a beautiful conservation area with historic sites, trails, and a swing bridge.

Photo courtesy of BlogTO.

  • Belfountain Conservation Area 1
  • Belfountain Community Hall 2
  • Belfountain Village Church 3
  • Forks of the Credit 4
  • Caledon Ski Club  5
  • Cedarcrest Conference Centre 6
Belfountain Community Hall

The Belfountain Community Hall is located at 17204 Mississauga Rd, Caledon, ON. It’s a small Historic Hall which can accommodate up to 70 individuals. It is suitable for planning small quaint weddings, birthday parties, family events and meetings (a permit is mandatory if serving alcohol and a Smart Serve trained bartender is required).

Photo courtesy of Town of Caledon.

Belfountain Forks of the Credit
Forks of the Credit/Credit River

Forks of the Credit is located at 1478-1400 Forks of the Credit Rd, Caledon, ON. It is the ideal place for an easy stroll through nature with a range of visual highlights to delight in along the way.

Belfountain Village Church

The Belfountain Village Church is located at 17258 Old Main St, Belfountain, ON. Founded in 1835 soon after the first settlers arrived in the area a decade prior. The gothic style building was erected in the centre of this quaint little hamlet and even today it hasn’t lost any of its old world charm. It’s still the main attraction as you drive through the picturesque village, tucked among the hills & green valleys of the Headwaters.

Photo courtesy of Belfountain Village Church.

Belfountain Ski CLub
Caledon Ski Club

The Caledon Ski Club is located at 17431 Mississauga Rd, Caledon, ON. Experience the favourable, microclimate snow conditions that allow earlier openings than most resorts. Throughout the season, its sheltered valley home reduces icy and windy conditions to increase your enjoyment of the outdoors more often.

Photo courtesy of Caledon Ski Club.

Cedarcrest Conference Centre

Cedarcrest conference centre is located 462 Bush St, Belfountain, ON. Since it began, Cedarcrest has provided a venue for a wide variety of events including spiritual retreats; leadership seminars; workshops on family issues; professional development workshops; and theology and philosophy courses.

Photo courtesy of Cedarcrest Conference Centre.

Belfountain Salamander Festival 1
Belfountain Salamander Festival

This festival takes place at the Belfountain Conservation Area. It celebrates community and brings awareness to the environmentally sensitive Jefferson Salamander. Enjoy live music, vendors, delicious food, and meet live salamanders in the Hamlet.


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